Personal data of Astro customers offered for sale online

Vijandren reports:

Last year, when we first reported on the massive 46.2 million telco data breach, we cautioned that if strict measures are not put in place, there will always be opportunists trying to make a quick buck by selling off personal data to the highest bidder.

Earlier this year, our crawlers stumbled upon an offer for sale of personal customer data belonging to pay TV operator Astro. The database was specific to Astro IPTV customers, and the seller claimed that they have up to 50,000 customer details, which included the Customers Name, Installation Address, MyKAD number, Mobile Phone Number, Equipment and Portal ID numbers, as well as subscribed package information.

Read more on There is a also a follow-up on their site that begins:

In reference to our report this morning on the sale of customer information, Astro, has confirmed via an official media statement that only IPTV customers provisioned by Maxis are affected. The statement further clarifies that all other Astro customers data are not affected in any way, and no financial data was disclosed.


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