Apr 222016

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  54 Responses to “Personal info of 93.4 million Mexicans exposed on Amazon (UPDATED)”

  1. Lot of BS by Mexican Authorities here.
    1.- This is not a Data Security Breach (not technological at least), it is very known that Mexican politicians would sell the country if they can get money out of it, so if they have a list that they could sell for a good price, they will do it for sure. Now I don’t think they will sell it on Amazon, so this is probably just a newbie Re seller who tried to get money from it after getting it from them.
    2.- Embassy responding the email went to SPAM… Ha! that was a good one, we all know how mexican burocracy is, they just don’t care about any demands or concerns until the shit gets really big, then they pretend they are interested (but still don’t care).
    3.- They tried to blame the researcher, of course, that’s what Mexican politicians do whenever they are caught on their sh*t.

    Thanks Chris for doing this, Mexican people thanks you (we are not our politicians).

  2. This guys are telling the people that they gone to prosecute you.

  3. I think you mean they’re going to try to get Chris Vickery prosecuted, although they’re welcome to try to prosecute me, too. If they do try, Chris really should sue them.

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