Personal Info Of Hundreds Of Philly Voters Dumped On Street Corner

Bruce Gordon reports:

The privacy of hundreds upon hundreds of Philadelphia voters may have been violated this week, when piles of documents used in “Get Out The Vote” calls were left sitting on a Philly street corner.

A woman who identified herself only as “Eileen” showed us cell phone pictures of documents piled in, on and around a public trash can on Cottman avenue near Leon St. in the city’s Mayfair section Wednesday morning.

They appeared to have been dumped there by workers at the nearby “Organizing for America” Obama campaign office.

“Piles and piles of files of un-shredded documentation of people- voters,” said Eileen. “Their sex, their ages, their phone numbers, maps to their homes.”

The documents did indeed include phone numbers, addresses, age and gender- along with information about what time of day the person could vote- noted by abbreviations for “early,” “midday” and “afternoon”- suggesting they might normally be tied up and out of the house at other times.

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