Sep 172016

KRGV reports:

Hundreds of La Joya ISD teachers’ personal information was accidentally released to the public.

La Joya police chief Raul Gonzalez tells CHANNEL FIVE NEWS a representative who works at La Joya American Federation of Teachers accidentally sent out an email. That email contained the social security numbers and payroll deductions of 1600 La Joya ISD teachers.

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  One Response to “Personal Information of La Joya ISD Teachers Accidentally Released”

  1. It is very easy to accidentally release information to the public without even thinking about it.
    My school just gave another gentle reminder on what to with PII of anything related to parents, students or medical information because they found certain things in the recycling bin.

    (Yes, my school goes through recycling bins on the first few weeks of school to be On the safe side)

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