Personal information of millions of Vietnamese offered for sale

VietNam reportedly has its first case of prosecuting individuals for selling personal information:

Three men in HCM City, including Duong Hong Le, Le Minh Trung and Hua Van Tuan, are accused of illegally collecting phone numbers and personal information of millions of people who are clients at securities and real estate trading companies–to sale, earning tens of thousands of USD.

Police recently found out that these men offered for sale personal information of millions of people on the Internet.

These people said that they used to work at many securities and real estate companies so they had information about many clients. After leaving these firms, they exchanged data and offered for sale the information on the net.


Police said that this is the first time they deal with such a case. As the three people sincerely declared information and their act did not cause serious consequence, they would be fined only.

Police are investigating many websites that perform similar act.

Source: VietNamNet.

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