PH: Voter database leaked by hackers (updated)

Rappler reports:

Shortly after Anonymous PH defaced the Commission on Elections (Comelec) website, another group accessed the data of the poll body’s website, posting it publicly online.

In a Facebook post before midnight Monday, March 28, a group calling itself LulzSec Pilipinas wrote, “A great lol to Commission on Elections, here’s your whoooooole database.”

This appears to be the first major open leak of elections-related data by a hacker group in the Philippines.


Update Apr. 7: The Register now has something on this breach that impacted 55 million voters:

Security researchers warn that the entire database of the Philippines’ Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has been exposed in what appears to be the biggest government related data breach in history. The COMELEC website was compromised and defaced on 27 March by Anonymous Philippines before a second hacker group, LulzSec Pilipinas posted COMELEC’s entire database online days later.

All sorts of sensitive information – including passport information and fingerprint data – appears to have been included in the data dump. Some of the data was encrypted but there were some fields that were left wide open, according to a investigation by Trend Micro.

Unsurprisingly, COMELEC tried to play this all down a bit.

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