Philips Electronics Working with police to find recent hackers

On feburary 14th 2012 we came across a document that sprung up a bit of interest around the world, this claimed that a hacker team using the handle team INTRA hacked into the Electronics Giant Philips and obtained thousands of accounts and other information. As a result of this the Philips have spoken to Reuters and confirmed that there was a breach but have no confirmed that any data was taken in the attack or if any users accounts or personal details was compromised in the attacks. While we are aware that there are claims on the Internet about information obtained, we are investigating the nature and extent of potential information exposure," the spokesman said on Thursday. Now its already well know that there was data leaked in this attack, so its really any wonder why they are not doing the right thing and confirming this. Philips has also stated that it is working closely with police to find the hackers who carried out this attack. If you are worried about your details being leaked in this attacked we have got a record of them all on part 1 results part 2 results:  part 3 results 

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