“Phineas Fisher” provides tutorial on hacking police sites

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Joseph Cox reports that “Phineas Fisher,” the anonymous individual also known as HackBack and GammaGroupPR, and who is reportedly responsible for the hack on Hacking Team, has released a tutorial video showing others how to attack police sites. I imagine the tutorial will not be up for long, but…

In this case, Phineas Fisher targeted a website of Sindicat De Mossos d’Esquadra (SME), or the Catalan police union. The data obtained, which was dumped by the hacker, appears to include names, bank details, and more personal details on police officers.

Most of the information, Phineas Fisher writes in the video’s description, is essentially public, but can be used to connect an officer to their badge number. The hacker also claimed to have temporarily defaced the police union’s Twitter account.

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