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To regular readers of and those first migrating over from

Because the time and expense of operating three web sites became seriously headache-inducing for me, I’ve consolidated and All medical/health data breach reports that appeared on have now been incorporated in the “Health Data” category on this site. Non-breach posts from have been incorporated in the  “Uncategorized” category of this site.

You may see some duplicates if posts had been cross-posted to both sites, but at least we’ve preserved all content. If you’ve bookmarked or linked to posts on, those links should automatically redirect to the posts on this site.

If you have any difficulties finding old material from, use the search function, and if all else fails, email me at breaches[at] and I’ll try to help.

And if you’re curious as to how I managed to import thousands of posts from one WordPress blog to another when there’s no available plugin that can handle the task, well, the short answer is that I’m blessed to have Lee Johnstone as a friend. Lee did all the coding and took over the importing for me. Lee anticipates that he may eventually release the code on GitHub as a free plugin. You can reach Lee via Twitter (@83LeeJ @Cyber_War_News) or his web site,, if you’re in the market for a great developer or security analyst.



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