Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana notifies Indigo members whose billing statements were erroneously sent to others

Another problem with mailing bills that results in a HIPAA breach.  Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. (PHPNI) posted an FAQ on December 18 about an incident affecting Indigo members. Their report to HHS indicates that 1,708 patients were affected.

What happened?

An error occurred in the assembly of a premium billing statement mailing on December 8, 2015, which resulted in a portion of the recipients receiving multiple billing statements, in addition to their own. This mailing was sent to less than 5% of PHP’s total membership.

The billing statement included the member’s name, address,  PHP member identification number, and  monthly premium amount. No Social Security numbers or PHI were included.

In response to the incident, PHP notified all policyholders, spouses and adult dependents included on the December 8 mailing of this error, regardless of whether they were impacted.

PHP is also issuing new member identification numbers and cards to all members that were included in the December 8 mailing.

Read more of their FAQ here.

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