PING: U.S. DOT Federal Highway Adminstration

Last month, when I discovered that part of a subdomain of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Adminstration was being used for spam, I used FHWA’s on-site feedback form to alert them to the problem. No reply.

I called them later in the week and left a courteous voicemail. No reply. I also emailed them at their OperationsFeedback email address, providing links to show them the problem. No reply.

So I’m posting this here, and if anyone can get them to pay some attention to their email or security, that might be A Good Thing.

While this is not the worst kind of problem to have and many sites have fallen victim to this type of problem, I have to wonder why FHWA doesn’t pay attention to their email or voicemail. As of today, the problem still exists.

Ironically, the .ops subdomain is their Office of Operations whose banner reads, “21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies.” Now if they’d just use some 21st Century security controls or network monitoring…. or even 20th Century technologies such as voicemail and email.

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