Pl: Hackers have attacked a company that provides remote reading of water meters

Wojciech Karpieszuk reports that the Marymont Potok cooperative announced the attack on Thursday.  Machine translation:

We don’t know what this entails, whether the data is safe, or whether the readings will be falsified,” says Mr. Janusz from Marymont.

A customer notes that the switch to remote reading was supposed to prevent fraud, but if hackers tamper with the data, there is a greater risk of fraud.

The Marymont Potok cooperative’s announcement on the cage shows that there was an attack on ista Polska’s IT data. As a result, the administration has postponed billing of water consumption until the end of the year. “The effects of the cyber attack are currently difficult to assess. Their removal time is also unspecified.” – the announcement reads.

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Note: This attack sounds like it is related to the attack on ista International GmBh reported by DataBreaches last week. DataBreaches had reported Daixin Team’s claim that they had obtained all the rights in the following domains: ROOT, DS, IT, PL, AT, ES, NL, BE, DE.  “PL” would be the normal country abbreviation for Poland.

Daixin team generally claims to have no interest in tampering with data the way the customer feared, but if Daixin dumps all the data, what prevents others from tampering with it?

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