Plaintiff Gets Default Judgment Against Hackers After Serving Court Papers via NFT, a Legal First

Sander Lutz reports:

A federal judge in Florida has ruled in favor of a plaintiff who sued anonymous hackers and issued formal notice of the legal action via NFT, according to recent court filings.

The ruling, a default judgment from Judge Beth Bloom of the United States District Court Southern District of Florida, declares that the unidentified hackers are on the hook for the $971,291 worth of USDT (Tether) that they stole from plaintiff Rangan Bandyopadhyay’s Coinbase wallet in December 2021.


Judge Bloom’s determination that NFTs constituted a legitimate form of legal notification for these defendants marks the first time an American federal court has allowed defendants to be served by NFT.

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The case is:
1:22-cv-22907-BB BANDYOPADHYAY v. Defendant 1 et al

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