users newest victims of SilverPop breach

Anh Nguyen provides an update on a breach reported on  yesterday. At the time, I had raised the possibility that the breach might be linked to a previously known breach involving SilverPop. It turns out that was the explanation: has emailed its customers again to shed more light on the security breach it revealed two days ago.

The online retailer’s CEO, John Perkins, said that the company was alerted to a security breach when some customers reported receiving spam email to addresses they only use for

In an initial email alert to customers, said that a security breach at a third-party company that handles its marketing communications had had a security breach, which meant that “some customer names and email addresses may have been compromised.”

However, not all customers have received an email security alert, which suggests that those who did are the ones that have been compromised.

The company has now revealed that the third-party company is email service provider Silverpop, which has been managing’s email marketing since 2008.

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Now to find out if customers have also become victims of that breach, as I’ve received several emails indicating that their customer email database has also been compromised.   In light of all of the recent breaches involving email lists, it really would be helpful for SilverPop to issue a list of clients whose data were compromised. I doubt if they’ll do that, of course, but it would sure be helpful keeping all of these breaches straight.

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