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OK, with the help of someone smarter than me, I have decided to create a Monero wallet to accept XMR donations.  If you want to support this site’s work, please donate.  This site does not receive any corporate financial sponsorship and yes, after 15 years of paying fees to host and run and, I’ve spent a bundle of money.  This year, the expenses have increased by creating LLCs and getting some cyberinsurance to protect my family from those who try to shut this site down with lawsuits because they don’t want us exposing their negligence or security failures.

So if you can help, please help. If you can’t, we’ll understand.

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  1. Mike+Oliver - November 11, 2021

    Do you have a non monero way of donating? patreon, etc. I highly value your information and would like to make at least a small contribution, but am not going to go thru all of that with monero. thx

    • Dissent - November 11, 2021

      Not yet, but thanks for asking. I won’t tell you now traumatic it was for me to just try to create a wallet. LOL.

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