Please, stop cancelling my health card!

Donovan Vincent reports:

Teresa Lawrence is sick of all the problems she’s had with her Ontario health card.

Since October, the Toronto woman has had the card cancelled several times in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

Each time there was a mix-up she was later assured the problem had been rectified.


The cards fall under the responsibility of Ontario’s health ministry, but ServiceOntario, an arm of the government services ministry, delivers them.

In a statement, ServiceOntario spokesman Alan Cairns said that while his office can’t discuss specific cases due to privacy concerns, “in this instance a human error has resulted in an inadvertent disclosure of information.’’

“While every possible effort is taken at ServiceOntario and throughout the Ontario government to ensure that our processes are fail proof and that citizen privacy is protected, sometimes honest mistakes are made,’’ Cairns said, later adding: “On behalf of ServiceOntario, I offer a sincere apology.’’

Read more in the Toronto Star.

Ah, the joys of large governmental databases.

Thanks to the reader who sent in this link.

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