PNB denies cybersecurity firm’s claim that 180 million customers’ data was breached, but CyberX9 calls their denial “false and misleading”

Regina Mihindukulasuriya reports:

The Punjab National Bank (PNB) has denied media reports that over 180 million customers’ data has been breached or exposed, adding that the bank is certified with ISO 27001 standards for information security practices.

PNB responded to media reports published Sunday, based on the findings by Chandigarh-based cybersecurity firm CyberX9, with a statement the next day. “There has been no breach of systems and pilferage of any personal data of any of our customers and account holders of PNB,” the banking giant said.

In a 21 November blog post, CyberX9 claimed: “Punjab National Bank — India’s top public bank — kept severely compromising the security of funds, personal and financial information of over 180 million (all) of its customers for 7 months.”

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But the story doesn’t end there, because CyberX9 has responded to PNB’s denial, claiming it is false and misleading. Read more of their rebuttal on

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