Pointer: World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League Hacked, 175,333 Accounts Leaked (Updated)

Another report from CyberWarNews.info:

Tonight a hacker using the handle @smitt3nz has announced another leak which this time is from the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League Website (http://www.wptapl.com/).


The surprising part about this is the fact the an Australian government worker from the defence department has registered with the defence.gov.au email. Other email addresses used are whitehouse, IRS, us courts, Wichita city (they got breached recently..), Federal Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice, nasa.gov and many many many more.

Leaked data contains a surprising 175,333 accounts with email addresses and clear text passwords.@smitt3nz has also made point to “Happy New Year to all y0 cr4ck3r5 & h4ck3r5 (46901 have the same password:sdf7asdf6asdg8df **Default reset password?**)”

Read more on CyberWarNews.info.

Update: Additional coverage of the breach on FlushDraw.net and SC Magazine, who report:

“It’s pretty much worthless information,” Kurt McPhail, president and CEO of WPTAPL, told SCMagazine.com on Monday. “[Most of] the data they obtained was old.”

McPhail said only 50,000 of the more than 175,000 listed email addresses and passwords are still active and explained that since WPTAPL is a free website, no financial information is associated with the accounts. The information cannot even be used to log into the WPTAPL accounts, McPhail added, because players have separate usernames to login.

Thanks to the reader who sent in the link to the updated coverage.

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