Police Arrest Suspect in #LeakTheAnalyst Mandiant Hacking Incident

Well, I missed this one, but thankfully, Catalin Cimpanu didn’t. He reports:

Law enforcement authorities have arrested an individual believed to be behind Operation #LeakTheAnalyst that took place over the summer.

“For the past 90 days, we have worked closely with law enforcement, both domestically and internationally, to assist in the investigation and identification of the anonymous person who is responsible for the attack on one of our employees and who falsely claimed to have breached our corporate networks,” said Kevin Mandia, CEO and Director of FireEye.

“As a result of our joint investigation, on Thursday, October 26, an individual was arrested by international law enforcement and taken into custody.


Mandia did not provide any other further details regarding the arrest, such as the hacker’s name, age, nationality, or place of arrest.

Read more on BleepingComputer.

So there’s still more I’d be curious to know about this one.  Like who, why, and how.

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