Police Association of Ontario hacked by Anonymous

The announcement of a hack of the Police Association of Ontario was made by @ro0ted on Wednesday:

The attack continues the hacktivism over C-51, Canada’s controversial new anti-terrorism bill.

The data dump, which is still available as of this morning, includes some admin information with hashed passwords, as well as user information and 420 members’ information, including first and last name, location, userid, email address, and passwords. A backup member file contains 454 members’ information.

There does not appear to be any statement on the PAO’s web site in response to the attack.

And I’m really beginning to wonder about Canadian news media, as their biggest news outlets do not seem to be reporting on such hacks.


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  1. Moi - June 27, 2015

    “Canadian news media”, especially the “biggest news outlets”, are owned by the Telco’s.

    News slanting has been in the media recently when it was revealed that Bell was preventing news from being seen by Canadians on CTV that Bell did not like. CRTC went public about it. Bell Media head was fired.

    Makes me wonder if the Police Association has their services on (or run by) one of Canada’s “vertically integrated” telco’s? Honest question.

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