Police break scary ATM skimming ring in Greater Boston

Robert Sears of Gatehouse News Service reports:

QUINCY, Mass. — Police say they’ve made the first dent in a sophisticated scheme to drain people’s bank accounts.

The Bulgarian native arrested in Quincy and charged with trying to use a forged ATM card at a Citizens Bank on Hancock Street is part of a much larger operation of so-called skimmers, police say.


The ring first reared its head in the United States in November in Chicago, police said. More recently, it’s been operating in Greater Boston.

Similar operations have been detected in Milton, Roslindale, Dorchester, Braintree, Weymouth, and at least one other Quincy bank.

The Secret Service has been investigating since Chicago. Now, it’s working with police in that city along with police in Greater Boston to try to catch members of the ring.

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