Police: Medical workers stole patient info for narcotic prescriptions

Many pet owners already know that a lot of medications used to treat humans are also used to treat other species. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when veterinary personnel engage in wrongdoing to access medications. Ellen Eldridge reports on some recent insider wrongdoing cases that include one from a veterinary hospital:

Shelby Oryan Scoville of Woodstock was a veterinary technician employed with Hollyberry Animal Clinic in Roswell when she allegedly created fake prescriptions in the name of her dog.

…  Tiffany Martin, a 30-year-old employee of WellStar Neurosurgery, was allegedly involved in stealing prescriptions written for patients. Officials said she stole insurance information from the WellStar office and turned in to pharmacies prescriptions for Oxycodone, an opioid pain medication.

The person who filled those prescriptions was also arrested. Tiffany Martin also called in prescriptions for Xanax, a brand name anxiety medication.

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