Police say car lot took out loans on unsuspecting customers

Chris Hayes reports:

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – You could be a victim and not even know it. Police believe there may be other victims of Autoway Car Sales on St. Charles Rock Road.

This morning, Pagedale police officers weaved through the car lot looking for connections between vehicles and other potential victims. Owner Anas Alshurafa, who sometimes went by “Sam,” is now in federal custody.

“We’re seizing all these vehicles off this lot,” said Interim Pagedale Police Chief Eddie Simmons.

Chief Simmons said they already know about more than 20 potential victims.

“Anybody who’s been here and filled out paperwork, you could be a victim and don’t even know it,” he said.

Read more on Fox2Now.  And then recall how many leaks you’ve seen this year with people’s PII.  While this dealership owner allegedly misused information provided to him by potential customers, the information on so many people is easily available for a small fee on the dark web. Or just look for a leaky bucket on Amazon, like the one from Rhodes Auto Sales (although those data may be somewhat outdated).

It’s just too easy.

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