Polish Military Medical Center Hacked, All Databases And Users Personal Details Leaked By @BZyklon

@BZyklon has released a pastebin file via a twitter announcement that contains all the databases from Polish Military Medical Center Servers (https://wim.mil.pl/). The was announced with a short pastebin post that contains a few links to the below images and a link to a 6.3mb RAR file named sql_mil.pl.rar which was uploaded to mediafire. The leak file contains what appears to be a all databases that where on the server for the Military Medical Center Website. The website was also claimed to be defaced but this was just an additional file uploaded as seen below, it has since been removed. The leaked data contains a whole heap of information including a fairly big list of military user emails and passwords which have encryption. The leak is spread across 22 .sql files and only some contain vital information, while others are default SQL tables and useless information. https://pastebin.com/Rk4GfTf6

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