Political pressure on NHS trusts to use immature database

Tony Collins reports in ComputerWeekly.com:

The first NHS trusts to upload medical details to a national database as part of the £12.4bn National Programme for IT (NPfIT) were pressured for political reasons to push ahead quickly despite the immaturity of the technology, an independent report is set to reveal.

A year-long study of the summary care record early adopter programme – a key part of the NPfIT – will show how politics and large, complex IT projects can be a toxic mix.

The study is expected to find that most users in the first trusts to go live with the system were broadly enthusiastic about giving doctors online access to medical records in an emergency and out of hours.

But the researchers at University College London found that the summary care record remains an immature technology which staff describe as clunky, which interfaces poorly with other systems, and which many staff have given up using until it works better.

Full story – ComputerWeekly.com

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