Politicians Cynically Using JP Morgan Hack To Try To Pass Laws To Diminish Your Privacy

Mike Masnick writes:

So, as you probably heard last week, JP Morgan revealed more details of how it had been hacked, noting that the number of households impacted shot up to 76 million, thus impacting a pretty large percentage of Americans. The hack involved getting access to customer names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. It doesn’t appear to have gotten anything else, but that’s plenty of information to run some sophisticated phishing attacks that could lead to some serious problems. It’s expected that the fallout from this could be quite long lasting.Almost immediately, politicians leapt into action… but not in any good way. They’re cynically using this as an excuse to push questionable cybersecurity legislation. Specifically, Senator Angus King used it to push CISA, a bill that actually undermines privacy, rather than protect it, by giving companies incentives to share info more freely, opening up greater opportunities for leaks and breaches. CISA gives those companies a blanket get-out-of-jail-free card by taking away any liability in sharing such info.

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