PoodleCorp Downs PokemonGo, People go Depressed

Updated at bottom to reflect Pokemongo servers upgrade.

Well it didn’t take to long, PokemonGo servers have come direct attack from PoodleCorp and as a result have been suffering some downtime.

It all started about 11PM EST Australia time, when PoodleCorp member XO, tweeted out "can anyone verify for us if PokemonGo is online or offline, it looks offline to us" along with a screen cap of some very big response times from the global PokemonGo servers.

Which was followed by a post from the main PoodleCorp account.

Then a few hours later XO tweeted out that it was just a little test and that there is bigger targets to come.

The ddos seems to of been fairly effective with a redit thread containing some if not a lot of people complaining as well as the amount of people on twitter who are not so happy about it to.

and many many more on twitter


Just like to point out that the PokemonGo Servers did indeed today expand and claim to of had issues as well.

Cheers to Roв0т;Cυɴтѕ for pointing this out.

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