Possible Haverhill HS security breach

Did he or didn’t he? Did she or didn’t he? And were they or weren’t they? School administrators in Haverhill, Massachusetts are looking into a police report based on school personnel allegations that a secretary who was allegedly having an affair with a student gave that student access to computer files he should not have had access to…. and that the student might have accessed them. So far, the case is a lot of ‘maybe’s’ and “looking into it”….

A secret police report submitted to Superintendent Raleigh Buchanan says an assistant principal, a teacher and a secretary at the high school complained to Principal Bernard Nangle that they had reason to believe the student was given a password to access the so-called X2 computer system, according to school officials who have read the report. The student graduated last month.

The computer system includes information such as grades, attendance and medical records for students, and attendance and certification records for teachers and other school employees. The system also includes home addresses and phone numbers for both students and faculty, school officials said.

The student was given a password to the system by a high school secretary, the school officials said….. Fitzgerald stressed police did not conclude the student accessed the computer system, only that several school workers have made that allegation. The Eagle-Tribune is not identifying the secretary by name. She could not be reached for comment.

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