Possible iTunes Breach–Accounts Hacked

It’s not anything new that iTunes has been susceptible to hackers from the beginning:  with it’s poorly trained help desk, full credit card accessibility, and Apple’s "[lack of responsibility] for In App purchases;" however, lately Apple has been getting a lot of calls regarding this matter. Accourding to one user

I was hacked today for almost $50 in Apple gift card money. First someone gained access to my account and ‘downloaded’ the free Kingdom Conquest app at 2:45 a.m. when I was asleep, and then bought almost $50 worth of In App Purchases from SEGA Corporation. SEGA says I should complain to Apple and ask for a refund. [1]

CNET reports that a few users have gotten refunds; albeit, Apple is yet to fix it. Ty Miller told Apple insider he thought it might be more cost effective for Apple to hand out refunds, than fix the system. [2]

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