Possible security breach at Florida Radiology Consultants

WINK reports:

On Tuesday morning, staff at Florida Radiology Consultants noticed someone had accessed their computer system, hours after they closed.

Deputies say whoever did this, got in through an employee’s IP address.

“Could have been robotic, actually human being you don’t mind because some of these attack take days,” said Shaun Book, of Area 51 PC.

But the company caught it right away, and told WINK News the hacker looked at information of 9 patients, including social security numbers.


Florida Radiology Consultants has not informed patients. They are waiting to see whether the activity is criminal.

They say their experts don’t believe the information was stolen.

Read more on WINK.

If the data weren’t encrypted and were accessed, I would think they need to notify patients and HHS, even if there’s no evidence the data were downloaded or exfiltrated.

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