Confirmed Xbox Support Twitter Account Breached by Syrian Electronic Army (Updated)

mxboxtUPDATED AT BOTTOM Today it appears the Syrian Electronic Army has come out for the weekend again with sights set on Microsoft. Just a short time ago they have announced a possible breach on Microsoft’s @xbox twitter account @xbox here and here. The proof they have given was posted publicly via twitter and is two android mobile screen cap’s of the of the xbox accounts "edit profile" options.The tweets that are in the screen caps come from around the 5th of January 2014 and the date of announcement of this by SEA is just today meaning the xbox twitter account has most likely been under the control of SEA all week leaving one to wonder what they are really up to here. Keeping in reality there is always the chance this is just not what it appears as images do not really offer any hard proof of breaches or access as they can easily be created and faked.  Time will tell and normally with SEA, they wont announce something until its just about to go fully public. At time of publishing nothing had been posted on @xbox twitter account for over 6hrs. update: @Official_SEA16 has now breached the official xbox live support twitter account and has been actively posting from their account @XboxSupport. sea_xbox_support1

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