POST SQLi Vulnerability Exposed on Twitter Support by @Reckz0r

twitter-exploit2### UPDATE:

See here for information about reckz0rs fake leak history Reckz0r has just contacted me now with a Vulnerability that is on the main twitter support site ( The Vulnerability is a POST SQL injection which has allowed Reckz0r to expose an SQL error and have also posted further information about this just now on pastebin with the following statement > Hello there, fine peasants, Yet. I’m here again, and this time. It’s even more big, but I have no malicious intentions since I don’t wanna get my ass suspended. I located a POST SQL vulnerability on in their api_general form box, the box uses a ‘referrer’ parameter which is vulnerable, and by that. We can inject twitter, and possibly extract confidental data from Twitter. It seems as most ‘large’ websites are vulnerable to this kind of attack, including which was exploited by this vulnerability by some argentinian hacker. – screenshot The vulnerability lies in – You see, there might be dozens of vulnerabilities lying in We can inject hidden boxes in this kind of atmosphere. cheers,

As you see above there is no intentions from them to exploits this further for fear of being suspended which is well known of twitter to do when you play around with their site a bit to much. This also is going to add a lot of fuel to the fire from many who claim that information, breaches etc from Reckz0r are false with this one clearly showing it is anything but false and that they are doing the right thing and alerting the public about the insecurity of twitter. Just a few days ago reckz0r had posted a breach containing minor data from CNN, see article here and further proof here. It will also be very interesting to see how twitter does handle this one, only time will tell. source: pastebin, imgur

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