PostNet Hacked, 11,099 Credentials Leaked for #ProjectSunRise

digital-postnet A well known South African photocopying and publishing company PostNet has become a victim to hacking and data leaks after @TeamGhostShell Released its latest Project leak The leak is one of the larger ones out of the total 23 sites that got breached and it a appears the complete database of the website has been leaked including its blogs, core site, customer information and more. The breach has been possible to a SQL injection exploit that was found in the domain which is the home for its online customers and was posted to 18 parts hosted on various paste sites. At time of publishing it appears the website’s database is either been destroyed or taken offline but either way it was not accessible due to a MySQL connection error. digital-postnet-co_-za-home The client details that have been leaked consist personal contact details, usernames, emails, passwords, post address, home address, first and last names, company names and more. Other details are for the writers of blogs, partner company’s user cookies and login history and details as well as other company related information. All together from all tables 11,099 accounts with emails have been detected and all appear to have encrypted passwords. Source: Full user table values. – cellno,

  • company,
  • count_logins,
  • count_pages,
  • email,
  • expertise,
  • faxno,
  • first_login,
  • forename,
  • last_login,
  • lastname,
  • nologin,
  • passwd,
  • pco,
  • phoneno,
  • physicalAddress,
  • postalAddress,
  • time_online,
  • uid,
  • username

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