Press Copy to have your Identity Stolen

Melissa Yeager of WINK News follows up on their investigation where they purchased used hard drives on eBay only to discover that they contained personal information such as bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers, even pharmacy prescriptions. The news team tracked some of the data back to Sears and Giant Foods of Maryland, who both reportedly sent technicians to the news station to examine the drives.

Neither company could tell us how their customers personal information ended up on hard drives for sale on eBay.

But now we have new information about where they may have come from.

“56 percent of people victims of ID theft have no idea how perpetrators got their ID,” said Sean O’Leary of Digital Copier Security, “And we can assume a portion or large is a result of data breeches from photocopiers.”

That’s right – photocopiers.

The companies indicate that they do not believe the data came from photocopier hard drives, but the news team says that some of the data suggests that it may have.

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