Preview of Upcoming leak from @Officialnull

Well known hacker collective NullCrew (@Officialnull)has contacted us with a preview of a upcoming leak that comes from the United states government. Just a few days ago the NullCrew member @0rbit_g1rl contacted us with a few images and bit of information about the breaches that have been on some state websites. Preview of the leak files: preview Orbit_girl had made mention that the breach has been carried out by only 2 of the nullcrew members, null and 0rbit_g1rl. AS well as these leaks they have also tipped us off that a breach on has been carried out and possible leaks are coming for that. EAch of the attacked sites, except one has complete database. The exact site which has no relevant information is unknown at time of publishing. The main leak is expected to be released today and if its anything like the past nullcrew ones its sure to be packed with juicy information that is going to make major headlines. Follow @Officialnull and @0rbit_g1rl on twitter for more updates on the upcoming breaches

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