Privacy Claim Against Plastic Surgeon Advances

There’s a follow-up to a lawsuit previously noted on this site.  Jeff D. Gorman reports:

An appeals panel properly revived claims against a plastic surgeon who shared a woman’s before-and-after photos with Fox News, Utah’s highest court ruled.

When Dr. Renato Saltz performed breast augmentation and abdominoplasty on her in 2006, Conilyn Judge signed a consent form that allowed her to be “photographed or televised,” provided her identity was not revealed.

Saltz contacted Judge a year later when Fox News approached him for examples of successful surgeries.

Though Judge agreed to share her story, telling Fox News she was “really pleased” with the results, she filed suit when Fox News included before-and-after pictures of her in its evening news broadcast and on its website.

Read more on Courthouse News.

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