Prized Patient information open to Web-Highest Number of Security Breaches in Healthcare – Medical Providers ??

Mohit Kohli provides some analysis of breaches:

The below chart represent highest number of security breaches happing in Healthcare sector of US. The immediate question arise to everyone mind; is it because of low security standard or control available? This is not True!!! There are strong controls like HIPPA (sic) to address security requirement, but it also depends on how and where these control are implemented. A strategic initiative needs to be developed, involving management commitment with right tools and strong business processes.

Read his discussion for an explanation of the statistics and his commentary.

Claiming that the highest number of breaches are in the healthcare sector is misleading on a number of levels, not the least of which is that the healthcare sector has more stringent public disclosure of breach requirements than other sectors. Then, too, the analysis conflicts with data amassed in the database suggesting that reports of breaches in the business sector account for a larger percentage of breaches than healthcare sector breaches. Althought Mohit does not indicate where he got the data he used in his analyses, they appear to be based on the chronology compiled by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

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