Professional Dermatology Care, P.C notifies 13,237 patients after ransomware attack

From their web site:

Dear Patients:

On June 27, 2016, Professional Dermatology Care, P.C. (PDC, P.C.) discovered a potential data breach of its network server. Following a comprehensive cybersecurity and forensic investigation, PDC, P.C. learned that unauthorized third parties from outside the United States may have recently accessed and obtained patient protected health information and financial data between June 19, 2016 and June 27, 2016. In the ten years of having electronic medical records this had never happened. However, as part of a nationwide string of similar incidents, the criminals encrypted patient data via “Ransom ware.” PDC, P.C. believes the criminals’ motive was to extract money from the company in order to de-encrypt data, rather than for the misuse of patient data. The information accessed may have included patient names, addresses, dates of birth, social security and Medicare numbers, and medical and billing records.

In compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, all patients are being notified of the incident. Although the company is not aware of any misuse of patient protected health information or financial data by an unauthorized individual, patients are strongly encouraged to take steps to eliminate or minimize any potential harm that could be caused by the incident.  This includes, but is not limited to, obtaining credit reports from one or more of the three major credit reporting agencies, registering a fraud alert with the credit reporting agencies, and monitoring financial and health accounts for unauthorized activity.  If you are or have been a patient of PDC, P.C. and we have your current mailing address; you will also be receiving a letter informing you of this incident.  PDC, P.C. will also provide its patients with Identity Protection Support and Identity Repair upon request through All Clear ID.

PDC P.C. has already taken numerous steps to safeguard and prevent any further data breach of its network server and its patients’ protected health information; we have increased cyber security, implemented a new firewall as well as malware protection services.  The data breach was immediately reported to the F.B.I. and reports are being provided to the Virginia Office of the Attorney General and to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. PDC, P.C. is fully committed to continuing our tradition of high quality patient care, including the preservation of the confidentiality and security of its patients’ protected health information.

For further information, please contact

Maithily A. Nandedkar, M.D., Privacy Official, at Professional Dermatology Care, P.C.

by calling 703-860-1818, or by contacting the company by email at [email protected]

Date Posted:  August 8, 2016

The incident was reported to HHS as impacting 13,237 patients.

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