Proliance Surgeons, Inc. Notifies Customers of Data Security Incident

Why are they calling them “customers” and not “patients?”  I’m confused by this press release, below. Were these payment cards the patients’ payment cards/payment info? If so, it’s still protected health information of patients.  I’ve reached out to the entity to request clarification. Update: A spokesperson says that the payment cards were not the patients’ but family members or others making payments, so that this is not a HIPAA situation. 

SEATTLEDec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Proliance Surgeons, Inc. (“Proliance”) recently detected a data security incident affecting its corporate website. Proliance immediately worked to contain the incident, launched an investigation, and engaged an industry leading digital forensics firm to assist. The investigation determined that payment card information may have been exposed for customers who made payments through Proliance’s online payment platform between November 13, 2019 and June 24, 2020. The information involved in this incident may have included cardholder name, payment card account number, expiration date, and zip code. Only payments made online were at risk; in-person or phone payments were not affected.

Proliance has coordinated with all major payment card brands so steps could be taken to prevent fraudulent activity on any affected cards.

Patient health care information was not affected by this incident. Aside from payment card information, no sensitive personal information or protected health information was exposed.

In coordination with the digital forensics firm, Proliance was able to swiftly identify the source of the incident and ensure that its online payment platform has been secured. Proliance has also launched a brand new website and payment platform with enhanced security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Proliance encourages potentially affected customers to carefully review and monitor their payment card account statements. If a customer believes a payment card may have been affected, the customer should immediately contact the bank or card issuer.

About Proliance: Proliance is a surgical practice headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that provides treatment at care centers across Washington State.

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