Promotional travel mug seller notifies customers of breach

BEL USA, LLC operates a number of web sites that sell promotional items such as travel mugs, but it is their customers who seemingly have been mugged. Consumers who made credit card transactions on BEL USA’s sites or who placed phone orders between March 1 and July 15 are receiving notification letters that their data was accessed by unauthorized third parties who compromised the firm’s server.

In a letter signed by Amin R. Ramjee, CEO,  consumers were told that a third-party investigation revealed that names, addresses, telephone numbers, and card expiration dates and CVV codes were accessed.  There was no explanation given as to whether the data were encrypted, and if not, why not.  Nor does the firm specifically outline what steps it is taking to prevent a recurrence, other than replacing the server.

BEL USA did not offer those affected any free credit monitoring or credit restoration services. Consumers were only offered a 20% off coupon if they place a new order on or before October 31.  I probably don’t need to say what I think about that offer.

A copy of the firm’s notification letter was posted to the Vermont Attorney General’s web site.  The firm is a foreign limited-liability corporation registered in Medley, Florida.


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  1. Richard White - September 23, 2013

    I also received one of Mr. Ramjee’s letters and sent him a scathing reply letter about his ridiculous compensation offer. I am also going to file my copy of his letter with the Michigan State Attorney General’s office. I told him that you don’t mess with people’s financial security and if he has sent this letter out to his customers to try and drum up more business he may be sorry for stirring up this s**t storm.

    • Dissent - September 23, 2013

      Please let us know what reply you get from the state.

  2. Dissent - September 23, 2013

    A copy of BEL USA’s notification to Maryland was posted today. It indicates that the firm is notifying 2,007 Maryland residents.

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