Prompt Med statement on recent breach

In a statement released on Wednesday, Prompt Med, which took over Battleground Urgent Care, said they regret the incident in which hundreds of medical files were discovered in a Greensboro dumpster:

Prompt Med Management Company, Inc. regrets the incident regarding transportation of patients’ medical records that occurred last week. These files were being transferred to our secure storage facility by a company we hired to perform this task. While in the company’s possession, the medical records were mistaken for trash and disposed of in a public dumpster without our knowledge.

We have since terminated our contract with this company, and we are reviewing all policies and procedures over transfer and storage of our medical records. We are also conducting an internal investigation of this incident. Our main priority is always the patients we serve – both their health and their privacy.

All recovered medical records are currently in the hands of the North Carolina Attorney General’s office, and we are cooperating fully with them to resolve this matter.

Source: Digtriad

Kudos to Prompt Med for issuing an explanation and for taking steps to prevent future recurrences. There is no statement on their web site, however, and no indication as to whether Prompt Med or the attorney general’s office will be notifying those whose records were exposed.

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