Prosecutor will seek life sentence for ID theft

As a follow-up to a case reported in a recent “Bits ‘n Pieces” post: Jim Dooley of The Honolulu Advertiser reports that the prosecutor will be seeking a life sentence for Susan Shaw, who is charged with stealing some $160,000 from at least 11 victims from January 2008 through last month.

Dooley quotes prosecutor Christopher Van Marter: “We will be seeking a life term in prison based on the sheer magnitude (of the scheme) and the harm she has caused her victims.”

A life sentence? Shaw reportedly had a prior felony conviction for theft in 1994, and I deplore ID theft as much as the next advocate, but even so, a life sentence seems disproportionate. But then again, what should sentencing guidelines look like for recidivists?

[Corrected to add link to article]

Update 6-8-09: It seems that Shaw is a former Miss Hawaii International and her husband had no idea that she was leading a double life. More here.

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