Protenus 2018 Q2 Report: 3.14M Patient Records Breached As Patients Are Increasingly Anxious About Health Data Security

As regular readers know by now, compiles data from health data breaches in the U.S. for Protenus, Inc.  For the past few years, Protenus published monthly statistics and analyses, but this year, shifted to a quarterly report with more analyses and some fascinating proprietary data.  Here’s an example of what you’ll find in their newest report, out today:

In Q2 2018, 29.71% of privacy violations were repeat offenders. This evidence indicates health systems accumulate risk that compounds over time if proper reporting and education do not occur. On average, if an individual healthcare employee breaches patient privacy once, there is a greater than 30% chance that they will do so again in three months’ time, and a greater than 66% chance they will do so again in a years’ time.

I think you’ll find a lot of interesting findings in there to mull over.  You can access it for free (and with no registration required) on Protenus’s site.

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