Public Statement From @ItsKahuna over Sentencing

Recently a well known hacktivist John Anthony Borell III aka @ItsKahuna was sentenced to 3 years jail with a $227,736 restitution fine and 3 years supervised release which is set to start by 6th of December 2013. Today Borell has released a statement via a 3rd party from his twitter account which has been inactive since 24th April 2012. The Statement is a detailed explanation as to what has happened and also clears a few things up for some people who thought he assisted police some way or another. Along with the statement comes with message to some of ItsKahuna’s online friends who have supported him along the way.

There are many people I miss sharing such good times with. @doxcak3 @VizFoSho @NASDAQEnema @MotormouthNews @anomally100 @katanon and @AnonO_o @Anonw0rmer @anonylulz just to name a few. Also @VinceintheBay still missing listening to your show.

It also has another section in which talks about he will be inside soon and people are welcome to send letters but he is not expecting any.

I will be locked up here soon and if anyone wants to write me or speak it won’t be hard to get a hold of me through mail. Do I expect letters, no, but I feel the opportunity should be there if anyone wants to take the chance.

Borell has also added a copy of his (PSR) pre-sentence report as you can see below which outlines the exact costs for each alleged attack that was carried out. rzszru5v05b1uf Full statement.

Where to even begin, I honestly do not know what to say. So much has happened in the past year and a half, I am at a loss for a way to even start writing. It’s been a journey since my arrest, obviously with court and just trying to maintain a somewhat normal life with what was obvious as my impending imprisonment. I want to thank everyone who has stood there by me since this all began; I don’t even know where to begin expressing myself when it comes to the events that have transpired. Obviously, there were all of those who assumed I snitched on Hig and others. This has been saddening to me since the start. I don’t know where all of these rumors began, but they were started off of assumptions and just grew into something bigger and bigger. The constant flip-flop of everyone as to their view of it has not ceased to amaze me. I haven’t addressed these claims myself, and to be honest, I have had little interest in doing so. I was focusing on what was happening in my life at the time, and really needed to spend some time focusing on me. It has been a difficult time for me since this all began, as you can imagine, and I really just needed to get away from it all and improve myself. Did I assist the FBI in the arrest of Hig? It’s quite apparent this has been the topic on everyone’s mind during this all. There is such a simple answer to it, no. I mean, is it not overly apparent by the fact that his arrest warrant was issued by the court before I was even raided? I have seen such a loose understanding of the federal court system since this began in all those that have spread these rumors. I suppose before my arrest my true understanding of the court system was quite small as well, and to be honest, I can’t blame those who jumped to rash conclusions so quickly. It was just weeks before my arrest that the information about Sabu turning and working in cooperation with the government came to light, tensions were high. That makes sense to me. What is beyond me is that no one truly addressed me and asked me how things were. They made rash assumptions that I was cooperating based on such outlandish theories. In the interest of squashing this ridiculous assumption that I cooperated in attempt to reduce my sentence, and aided in the arrest of Hig or others whom I was friends with. Included are photos of my PSR, the section being Factors that May Warrant Departure. For a summary of what this section is you can look at the websites included at the bottom of this page. The basics of this are that the PSR is used in sentencing. In the federal court system your sentence is based off of both your criminal background and a point system which gives you a level based off of your crime. It uses the federal sentencing guidelines to determine this level, which is represented in month-month sentence, for example 24-36 months. The federal sentencing guidelines require the judge to sentence the offender based on this system. In order for the judge to sway from these guidelines in sentencing other certain factors must exist to give him/her cause to do so. In this section of the PSR, which the judge reads before sentencing, it will clarify if any of those factors are present in a case. The most common departure being if a defendant cooperates with the government and assists in the prosecution of others. As you can see in my court documents which are included, there is no downward departure applicable in my case. Thus, my sentence is that of my sentencing guidelines and not reduced due to cooperation. (This document is not public, in all cases it is sealed at sentencing; obviously I have a copy, thus my ability to share it). It has been a long journey since this all began, I have had obviously not the easiest time in the world and now have just weeks before I must report to prison, in which I was sentenced 3 years, $227,736 restitution, and 3 years supervised release. Though I’m sure this you already know. I honestly don’t care what you think of this message, I’m sharing it because it’s what I wanted to do. Had I had the ability to show this sooner, I would have,but I had nothing but my word in the past and we all know minds were made and that would have done no good. With my impending sentence I have found myself reminiscing lately on the old days. There are many people I truly miss and who I had so many good times with. So many good memories I have of all of you, memories that will always remain with me. There are many people I miss sharing such good times with. @doxcak3 @VizFoSho @NASDAQEnema @MotormouthNews @anomally100 @katanon and @AnonO_o @Anonw0rmer @anonylulz just to name a few. Also @VinceintheBay still missing listening to your show. I truly hope you are doing well Hig, and hope for an early release for you. You have a child and wife to take care of and that’s the most important thing in life right there. No matter what you may think, you were always a friend and always will be in my eyes. I hav loved every bit of getting to know you and working with you It further saddens me to see the fate of many who were always standing for their causes. Specifically, sup_g. I could go on and on about how ridiculous I find 10 years on a case started by entrapment led by the FBI through sabu, or the ridiculousness of Judge Preska not recusing herself with such a conflict of interest, as her husband being named in the release. One should never suffer consequences for exposing something that is wrong in the world. I hope you stay strong Jeremy and know that what you did will never be forgotten. The government can never stop the truth from getting out. To all of those who dislike Sarah or feel she fucked things up for me online: I honestly don’t care about your opinion on that subject, I really don’t. I have a new chapter of my life unfolding ahead of me and have had a huge change thus far in it. She has been there for me through thick and thin, helping me grow as a person and making me happy with who I am, and that will not change. She is my wife and anyone who truly cares about me or the friendships we have had will respect me enough to understand that. I will be locked up here soon and if anyone wants to write me or speak it won’t be hard to get a hold of me through mail. Do I expect letters, no, but I feel the opportunity should be there if anyone wants to take the chance. More and more freedoms are taken away from us. They are taken away little by little, under whatever reason they choose to give at the time, be it in the name of national security or something else. People go about their everyday lives not caring even the slightest as their freedoms are taken right in front of their eyes. Something that never made any sense to me at all. Privacy is becoming a forgotten thing of the past as mass surveillance has progressed as an everyday thing in the world. I dont think I truly understood, truly appreciated these freedoms till I lost those that I had left, living under constant monitor and having to report all my activities to the government. Having to go away for years. Its something I would wish on no one. I hope everyone who is still out there, still trying to make a difference understands how important they are in the grand scheme of things. Appreciate the freedom you have, use every minute wisely to do better. You never know when it wont be there anymore. I still have such hope for all of you, as I have grown to know you all over the past few years I have found something in each of you. You all have something great to offer to the world, something great you can do with your lives. I am so glad I have had the privilege of getting to know you all and being able to call you my friends. I truly still believe so much in people’s ability to make a difference in the world. To make a change, and I know that it will happen. I know that I will watch the world shape into a better place in my lifetime. It’s all got to start somewhere; each person has the ability to make that difference. I appreciate everyone reading this and hope sometime in the future our paths will cross again. @ItsKahuna #FreeHammond #Freew0rmer #FreeManning #FreeBarretBrown PSR EXPLAINATION United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines Photos Of PSR

Once Borell has handed himself in to serve time there will be a address made public to send him mail. I personally will be sending at least one letter and i hope you do to.

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