Publisher Standard Digital Hacked, Staff, Clients and User Credentials leaked

2147_10151224778349430_1587380945_a A Kenya based website for a well known publisher has been hacked by @LulzSecWiki leaving a heap of credentials leaked. The website belongs to Standard Digital which is a respected and large publishing company and the attack was announced via social media and posted to pastebin. > The Standard Group is acknowledged and respected as the leading  multi-media house in Kenya with a growing influence on matters of national and international interest; the group also runs a division responsible for the distribution of international magazines and periodicals operating under the trade name publishers distribution Services (PDS). Some of the leading magazines in the world that are being distributed under this division are; Harvard Business Review, National Geographic, Readers Digest US ,UK, Homes and Gardens, Cosmopolitant US and UK, Opera , Vogue,Mens Health, VQ amongst many other publications. wiki

StandardMedia Company Leak By: — LulzSecWiki (@LulzSecWiki) April 5, 2013

The data leak contains  a mix of server, administrator, user and claimed client logins as well. All leaked accounts have usernames email addresses and encrypted passwords except for the server data which contains usernames and encrypted passwords. The leak also came with a basic message

Welcome to "TheLulzBoat", your security protocol and website security are an utter disgrace to the internet and world. – "LulzSecWiki" –

More recently the same hackers have released a heap of information on a worker from Intel and they did this for the lulz. The attack has left the intel worker named Trevor lee, email and other account details being hacked and data leaked online. They have also crafted up some what of a dox of Trevor with addresses, previous work history and other personal information. Source:

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