QNB, Al Jazeera, and other Qatar entities have their data leaked online

Doha News reports that clients of Qatar National Bank (QNB), employees at Al Jazeera Media Network, and even secret service agents have had what appears to be their details leaked.

The names, phone numbers, bank passwords and other sensitive information of what appears to be a large number of Qatar National Bank (QNB) customers has been leaked on a file-sharing website and is spreading rapidly through social media.  Among those affected are journalists and staff with the Qatar-based Al Jazeera Media Network.  The leak also includes files that purport to contain information about Qatar secret service agents and staff at other local banks, police, security and members of the country’s ruling family.  It is unclear who leaked the information or why.

Read more on Doha News.

BankInfoSecurity provides additional details, including that the leaked files were posted to Cryptome.org (as a zipped archive).  Cryptome tweeted about the archive yesterday, citing a tweet from the @aljazeera______ Twitter account, which has since been suspended:


At the present time, then, aspects of the data have been verified as accurate by sources contacted by other media outlets, but who did this, and why, remains unknown. 

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