Quick catch up of April

The last month has been extremely busy in the sense of hackers attacking all sorts of targets. Due to the site being down for this time i was unable to cover these so here is a basic wrap up of whats been going on. Making world wide headlines has been the attacks on many websites due to the pressure on well known and well liked torrent site the pirate bay. Once the UK government announced that it was moving to block the torrent site from its Internet users anonymous hackers came out angry at the choice and as a result they have been attacking the CIA, Uk supreme court in the new operation which has been dubbed  Operation The Pirate Bay. IT would also seem that american government has finally made a move to charge one of the claimed to be lulzsec hackers who took part in the attacks on STRATFOR. Hammod is facing charges relating to the leak of 60k+ credit cards that was used to make massive donations. Also there has been a lot of smaller leaks over the past few weeks with Australian government, Venezuela government, Brazil government all being targets. Also to note there seems to be a fairly big increase in mass defacing that are being tagged with the anonymous tag, we will be following this over the coming weeks to see where its going. Also one of the more so reliable teams TeamPosion has been back out attacking alot of sites recently, more to come on this one soon. I would also like to make note that i also have noticed a lot of anonymous hacktivist and activist that are becoming annoyed at the so called occupy movement for attempting to use them as a personal cyber army, how true this is, is really anyone’s guess but there will always be issues like this in a movement that has no control of its self.

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