randolph.af.mil, bbh-labs.com, ebay.co.uk, euroantiquemarket.com and efnet leaks

Once again a military sector has been the target of a hack and leak, this time coming from  via pastebin. these leaks are user names and passwords from the official Public Web site of Randolph Air Force Base, Texas and bbh-labs global innovation unit. The leaks come from a pastebin account named Phsy and so far they are the only two leaks. the bbh-labs leaks appears to have face book usernames/ids and hashed passwords the Randolph leak has Names, DSN, emails, phone, fax. Phsy has also earlier leaked a "ebay" leak from what appears to be ebay development sites that run wordpress. Earlier Phys had leaked a database from euroantiquemarket.com in the name of p0keu who leaked the BPM database and also Phys has leaked another email list of military emails. Phsy on twitter @stramble AS for the  efnet leaks seems to be a random leak of usernames/passwords labeled as [email protected], content/images/gallery/teampoison/phsy-stramble-on-twitter.png

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