Ransomware attack on Appui Santé Nord Finistère locked files and deleted some archives

This sounds like a crippling attack on the Association Appui Santé Nord Finistère. Translation of  part of the article reads:

“Appui Santé Nord Finistère has personal health data, because of its activity which includes those of the Coordination Support System (DAC), the Cancer Coordination Center of Ponant (3C) and the Local Gerontological Information and Coordination Center (CLIC) of the Pays de Morlaix. ”


“At this point, the Association no longer has access to its archived data or accounting management system. All data has been encrypted and some archives deleted. The attack consequently affects the confidentiality, availability and integrity of personal data. The association remains vigilant about the possible disclosure of this data. However, no leaks have been confirmed to date.”

There is no indication in the report as to who the attackers are or what the ransom demand might be.

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