Ransomware attackers are making threatening phone calls to their victims, warns FBI

Catalin Cimpanu reports that ransomware threat actors are doing more than just calling their victims on the phone (as previously reported on this site and by ZDNet). Now at least one of the groups, DoppelPaymer, are allegedly threatening them.

The incidents have been happening since February 2020, the FBI said in a PIN (private industry notification) alert, a type of security advisory the Bureau sends to the US private sector on a regular basis to inform them of the latest cyber-security developments.

A copy of the PIN alert was uploaded by Cimpanu, here.  One part of the report seemed eerily familiar:

“In one case an actor, using a spoofed US-based telephone number while claiming to be located in North Korea, threatened to leak or sell data from an identified business if the business did not pay the ransom. During subsequent telephone calls to the same business, the actor threatened to send an individual to the home of an employee and provided the employee’s home address. The actor also called several of the employee’s relatives.”

Later today, I will be posting more on some DoppelPaymer attacks. Whether they have threatened those victims is unknown to DataBreaches.net.

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